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About i-angel

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i-Angel is the creator of the original award-winning baby hipseat carrier. Modelled after the heart-filled warm embrace of a mother for her child, i-Angel was borne from the desire to provide the best carrier for babies & parents across the world. At i-Angel, we believe that a baby born into this world is humanity's beauty, hope, & love manifest; but also, that to hold & to cherish in our modern everyday often comes with challenges where we all could use a helping hand. That's why, beyond the traditional baby carrier, i-Angel innovated the baby hipseat carrier that is not only more comfortable but ergonomically superior for both babies & parents. The next-generation baby carrier has arrived!

The i-angel hipseat baby carrier for more comfortable weight distribution, meaning you can carry your child for longer periods of time,for everyday use and from a baby to toddler age.

Replacing the need to buy 3 different carriers, the i-angel hipseat carrier is a baby carrier, hipseat and toddler backpack all in one.

Made from 100% cotton with detachable hipseat and teething pads, giving your baby the best!

Optimum weight distribution

With the i-angel hipseat carrier, weight is distributed between waist and shoulders with no unnecessary pressure on the pelvis or back like traditional baby carriers.

The i-angel hipseat baby carrier complies to all relevant parts of the European Standard BS EN 13209-2:2005.